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Because one of the objectives is to generate an impact on societies and families.

Did you know that if the man is impacted, 92% of families change and remain in the change.

For years there has been growing dissatisfaction with seeing Christian men with a passive attitude, seeing that women in the church lead areas of intercession, specialized events and most of the initiatives come from them; seeing that women were assuming responsibilities and roles that have been biblically meant for men; Our prayer has been that God equips us in word and action to activate men, challenge them and awaken in them the configuration that God has placed as Christian men.

Legendarios has been a response to that nonconformity, today we see how men are transformed, taken to their highest level of potential and challenged to conquer every challenge in life and fight correctly for those things that God has given us.

We begin by designing the challenges and tracks, where men are transformed by challenging them to spend 4 days searching for God in a natural environment and without any traditional intervention that distracts such valuable time to reflect, learn and determine the changes we must make to get out. victorious in our battles.




I am part of the legends and my commitment is to make history. That is the decision I have made. I have crossed the line, I am not going to look back, give in, slow down or shut up.

My past is redeemed, my present has meaning, and my future is secure. I have decided to end my limited life, get out of my comfort zone, my walking by sight, my small plans, my weak knees, my colorless dreams, my docile visions, my worldly talk, my insignificant giving and my small goals. I will fight for my family, I will face the battles worth winning, I will tune my ear for the instructions I must follow.

I no longer need position, promotion, applause or popularity. I must not be right, nor be the first, the superior, nor the most recognized, the praised, the respected or the awarded. I will continue and wait for the legendary number one, Jesus Christ. Now I live by faith, I lean on His presence, I fight on my knees, I love with patience, I live by prayer and I work with enthusiasm. My attitude is firm, my step is fast, my goal is heaven, my path is narrow and difficult, my sustenance is the Word, my Guide is reliable and my vision is clear. I can't sell myself or deviate. Nothing can scare me away, turn me back, deceive or delay me. I will not cower in the face of sacrifice, nor will I hesitate in adversity; I will not negotiate with the enemy, I will not stop to wander in the labyrinth of mediocrity.

I am not going to give up, remain silent, or slow down. I will persist until I have finished my work for the cause of Christ. I am one of His disciples. I must persevere until I fall exhausted. I will preach His Word until everyone has heard and I will always enjoy the journey. And when He comes for His own, He will have no problem recognizing me. My identity is clear: “I am part of the legendary, unbreakable men with a life worth telling.”

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